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Vincent M. Blazewicz, CLTC

(201) 843-7700 ext. 312

Become A Client

The majority of our clients have been acquired through referrals and networking. The creation of this website is intended to assist our clients in gaining better access to financial information, and many have found it to be a valuable resource.

Becoming a client is easy. Just call Vincent at 201-843-7700 Ext 312 or send an email to We will contact you by telephone to learn more about your unique needs. It is in this first telephone call that we will determine if we can help you, and whether you would like our help. We will set up a meeting in a location of your choice, that is conducive to doing business, so we can concentrate on your finances.

The first meeting is where we will explain what we do and how we do it. Most of our first meetings last an hour and a half. Prior to the end of the first meeting, we will set the next meeting date in approximately two weeks time. You will need to agree to share some key financial documents, and to fill out a Confidential Client Questionnaire, which we will do together. This is a financial disclosure document which is an essential data collection tool.

At the second meeting, we will  learn more about you, your needs and most importantly, your wants. The second meeting usually lasts one and a half to two hours. It is at this meeting that we may determine that there is a need for additional protection (ie health, disability, life or long-term care insurance). Applications may be taken at this point.

At our third meeting, we review with you your financial strengths and weaknesses, and make recommendations to improve the protection elements or investment elements of your plan.

The next meeting may entail a delivery of your policy or investment purchase, and a thorough review of our prior recommendations. You can expect to receive a call from us at least quarterly to determine if you are on track with what we had discussed, and we recommend that we meet in person at least once a year.

Generally, our clients prefer a long-term relationship. Occasionally, some clients have a very specific insurance or investment need and prefer a transaction based approach. We are happy to speak with you about your investment or insurance needs.