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Vincent M. Blazewicz, CLTC

(201) 843-7700 ext. 312


We specialize in helping the Special Needs, LGBT and Business Communities maximize and preserve their wealth. Our role is to help you enjoy the fruits of your labor and pass along as much of your assets, whether it is your own business, your company-sponsored retirement plan, or any other asset to whomever you choose.

Maximizing and preserving wealth is an ongoing process. Our role is that of a facilitator. We help you identify and prioritize your goals and dreams, review all the aspects of your financial life and identify the strengths and opportunities in your current situation. Together we will create a strategy that will help you achieve these goals and monitor your progress as your life, needs, and wants change. Let us help you secure a clear vision for your financial future and take advantage of time tested strategies to help:

  • Maximizing Your Health Insurance to obtain needed treatments and therapies
  • Maximize Your Retirement Income
  • Leave a Legacy to Your Heirs, including your same-sex partner or spouse
  • Protecting your loved one with Special Needs
  • Manage Your Investments
  • Own the Right Life Insurance
  • Transfer the Ownership of Your Business
  • Give Assets to Charity


Even if you have worked with Financial Advisors before, it is wise to understand how we conduct our business.

When you contact us, you can expect a prompt reply with 24 hours.

You can expect us to be prompt for any meeting we schedule. In the event a cancellation is necessary, please be courteous and give us 24 hours notice. We understand that this is not always possible.

You can expect to know, in advance, any costs, fees, or expenses that may be associated with any product or services that you purchase.

You can expect us to be prepared for any meeting we schedule and to deliver on any commitments that we make to you. We need you to do the same. If we agree that you will take certain action, then your active participation is required.

You can expect that you will have our undivided attention.

Full financial and medical disclosure may be required. Certain products require that we obtain verification of your identity. Other products may require a medical exam, including an HIV test to complete our underwriting process.

Hiring Vincent M. Blazewicz as your Advisor means that you are engaging in a long-term relationship. We are not transaction oriented, but rather, relationship oriented.

You always have the right to purchase your products from someone else; you are under no obligation to purchase products from us.

In the event that we do not feel that we can render the service you require or that you would be better served by someone else, we will refer you to another colleague within Certified Financial Services, LLC or to an outside party for services that we do not provide (ie. legal or tax services).

Our relationship is a matter of trust. You must believe that we have your best interest at heart at all times. We must be able to verify any statement that we make.